Leminar Global Distribution and Services LLC, Egypt

Established in Dubai in 1991, Leminar Air Conditioning Company LLC is a member of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies. It is one of the largest MEP and HVAC distribution companies in the region, with offices in UAE, Oman and Kuwait. Built over 29 years with commitment, hard work and passion for excellence, Leminar boasts of unparalleled service quality that exceeds industry standards and being one of the most reputed and trusted brands for MEP products in the region today. As we set foot in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we bring to you Leminar Global Distribution and Services LLC — a fully-owned subsidiary of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies.

Today, we represent over 20 reputed global brands in the HVAC industry, each one of them a leader in their respective category, well-known for their quality and comprehensive range. Leminar looks to offer an array of products and services in Egypt, namely Weicco Pipe Supports, Flexible connectors and Vibration Isolators, Mueller Copper Products, Tecnair Close Control Units, Flotek HVAC Controls and Accessories.

Strategically located in close proximity to Europe, Africa and Asia and being in the heart of the MENA region, makes Egypt a cynosure for emerging markets as well as the cornerstone of regional security. A strategic economic partner for the UAE, Egypt is a pivotal tourist destination as well as an attractive investment destination for many.

With bilateral ties that focus on strengthening integrated management of water resources, security, sustainable development, etc., Egypt and UAE boast of a friendship and co-operation about half-a-century-strong. Deeply grounded in history, the relationship between both the countries serve the interest of their people. Leminar looks forward to foster this friendship by expanding its horizon and serving the growing requirements of the Egyptian HVAC industry. With its pragmatic approach and rich experience, the company strives to set new benchmarks in the Egyptian market in times to come.