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About Us

Established in Dubai in 1991, Leminar Air Conditioning Company LLC is a member of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies. One of the largest MEP and HVAC distribution companies in the region and built with commitment, hard work and passion for excellence, Leminar boasts of unparalleled service quality that exceeds industry standards. As we set foot in the Arab Republic of Egypt, we bring to you Leminar Global Distribution and Services LLC — a fully-owned subsidiary of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies.

Leminar looks to offer an array of products and services in Egypt, namely Weicco Pipe Supports, Flexible connectors and Vibration Isolators, Armacell Insulations, Mueller Copper Products, Tecnair Close Control Units, Flotek HVAC Controls and Accessories as well as Napco Adhesives and Coatings.

Egypt and UAE boast of a relationship about half-a-century-strong, and Leminar looks forward to foster this by serving the growing requirements of the Egyptian HVAC industry. With its pragmatic approach, the company strives to set new benchmarks in the Egyptian market in times to come.

Our Global Partners


A range of Elastomeric Flexible Pipe Connectors, engineered for superior performance, safety and convenience, Threaded Joints- Versaflex and Flanged Spherical Joints that come with best-in-class quality of workmanship and benchmark reliability.


Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers.

Tecnair Lv

A leader in the Close Control Air Conditioning sector since 1994, their range of closed control units are energy-efficient and equipped with control and safety devices as well as thermo-acoustic insulated panels.

Mueller Industries

A reputed manufacturer and supplier of high-quality copper coils, tubes and fittings for piping systems used in various applications ranging from potable water distribution to household appliances.


Manufacturer of high-quality HVAC Controls and Accessories including Aluminium Foil, Black and FoamTapes, Refrigerant Gas and Flexible Ducts.


More than 35 years of manufacturing various types of adhesives and coatings, this UK-based company, with a manufacturing facility in UAE produces high-quality Central A/C Ducting Adhesives and Coatings, UPVC & CPVC Solvent Cement, Insulation, Contact and PVA Adhesives to name a few.